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BROOKS Proofide 25G (II)
BROOKS Proofide 25G (II)
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New genuine Brooks England Proofide Leather Bicycle Saddle Dressing Tin.

Net Weight:  25-grams

Product Overview:

Proofide saddle dressing keeps the leather supple as it is specially formulated from all natural ingredients to condition, preserve and water proof saddles.

Leather contains oils that dry out over time. Brooks Proofide is a leather conditioner, or leather treatment, is formulated to keep leather saddles from deteriorating, ensuring a long, useful, life.

It is recommended that you use a small amount of Proofide on your saddle three or four times a year. In addition, if the saddle has gotten wet it should be dried at room temperature and given a treatment with Proofide.

A little Proofide is all it takes to keep your leather in good shape. Trouble can come from using too much of an oil-based leather treatment or way too much of a wax-based treatment, like Proofide. Since these saddles are under tension too much tretment product can saturate into fibers of the leather and the fibers can stretch, ruining the shape of the saddle. Wax-based treatments are much safer in this regard. Also, too much treatment product can bleed out of the leather, bringing the dye with it.

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