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SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - Mips (L) BK/WH
SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - Mips (L) BK/WH
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Description of SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - black/white

The new SCOTT Arx MTB Plus helmet brings the innovative MIPS Brain protection System to mountian bikers seeking the edge in safety at an affordable price. The MRAS2 fit system ensures a comfortable and secure fit so all you need to do is focus on the trail. All of the lessons learned from SCOTT's top mountain bike helmets have trickled down to this great all-rounder. 

MIPS® Brain Protection System
If you are seeking the best protection that money can buy then look no further. Scott helmets with integrated MIPS® brain protection system offer a whole new dimension in safety. No matter where or how you ride, choose a SCOTT helmet and elevate Your Safety!
MIPS® imitated the brain's own protection system. The Brain is suspended in a low friction cerebrospinal fluid which allows your brain to slide within your skull to protect the brain under impact. MIPS® Brain Protection System is a unique technology intended to protect your brain against angled impacts by imitating the brains natural low friction barrier, thereby reducing the shock transmitted to your brain. Under angled impact the helmet slides on the MIPS® low friction layer minimizing the rotational violence transfered to the brain. 

Year: 2018
Material: hard cover: PC Micro Shell
body: EPS foam
Weight: approx. 280 gram (Size M)
(manufacturer's specs)

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SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - Mips (L) BK/WH SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - Mips (L) BK/WH SCOTT Arx MTB PLUS Helmet - Mips (L) BK/WH

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